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What Will My Facelift Scars Look Like?

One of the most common concerns a patient has about virtually any surgical procedure, but especially a facelift, is the scarring. They want to know how visible the scars will be, how long the marks will last, and similar questions about the long-term appearance of incision lines. Our plastic surgeons appreciate that you want an aesthetically appealing outcome with minimal signs of an operation, and they make every effort to conceal the incisions, so they are as unnoticeable as possible once you have healed.

Facelift incisions are typically placed on the temple and hidden in the hairline. They then run down around the ear, where they remain inconspicuous to most observers. Although it is impossible to completely eliminate any scarring, most patients heal very well. The incisions over time become softer, smoother, and paler, blending in with the surrounding skin. Topical medications and laser skin resurfacing may also help to reduce the appearance of the scars in some patients.

If you are prone to keloid scars, you should let our team know during the consultation. Your safety and result are our top priorities, and we will design your treatment plan to optimize your outcome, including minimizing the chance of visible scarring.

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