Brian Braithwaite, M.D. Lorri Cobbins, M.D.

Lorri Cobbins, M.D. Testimonials

  • “Dr. Cobbins – I forgot to say an extra thank you. I went wedding dress shopping last month and thanks to your amazing work, I was actually able to enjoy it and found my dress! My bridal consultant made a comment about having some options being ‘more blessed up top’ and I couldn’t help but smile at knowing I was simply blessed with an amazing surgeon who gave me natural-looking results! Thank you again!” -K.L.
  • “Thank you again for making me look amazing! I cannot thank you enough or tell you how much more confident I feel about myself. I look so natural and that was the look I wanted to achieve through my transformation! You have the talent to make people look awesome!” -H.Z.
  • “Thank you very much for performing ethnic Rhinoplasty. No bruising, no swelling, no pain… Wow…Just outstanding! Whatever result I can see as of now, I’m very much pleased and sure the overall result will be likewise. Thank you for your honesty, professionalism, and knowledge related to ethnic Rhinoplasty. Choosing you as my surgeon was one of my best decisions. I knew you would understand and try your best. I have no words to let you know how grateful I am about my entire experience with you and your team.” -N.K. “Thank you so much for this! Words cannot express how grateful I am! This is life changing for me. Thank you!” -G.S.
  • “I just wanted to say thank you for being so patient with me and my many calls/messages/concerns. You all have made this process much easier than anticipated, and I am truly grateful for that. Thank you so much!” -T.H.
  • “I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Cobbins, Gordana, and all of the nurses who assisted in my surgery. I was initially referred to Dr. Cobbins by my friend. I inquired about her doctor after seeing her result. My friend had nothing but great things to say about her amazing experience. A breast augmentation was something that I have considered for years but I am very picky with how I would want my results to look (natural and not fake). After researching the website for Dr. Cobbins, I knew she would be the one performing my surgery. Dr. Cobbins took her time with me, answered all of my questions and knew I did my research. Dr. Cobbins, you are a miracle worker and have the skills to achieve amazing results with your patients! I will never be able to say enough about you and tell you how grateful I am! Again, thank you so much and I will definitely pass your name on.” -H.Z.
  • “The eye of an artist, the technical ability of an engineer, and the understanding of a woman, Dr. Cobbins has skillfully incorporated these three gifts and the results are magical. The self esteem and confidence boost I’ve received is a bonus! Most importantly, my husband loves my youthful look and encouraged me every step of the way. He is even considering a little maintenance work himself! From her personable office staff, to the OR and hospital employees, but especially to Dr. Cobbins’ professional, patient demeanor, I felt comfortable and confident that I was in excellent hands. It is not often that we find a person that is lovely and friendly, yet humble and kind. To find that in a surgeon is truly rare. Thank you for not only meeting, but exceeding, my expectations.” -J.V.H.
  • “The list of wonderful things I have to say about Dr. Lorri Cobbins and her staff is endless. Her staff was organized, pleasant, helpful and very caring. Dr. Cobbins gave me the time I needed from her to answer my questions and make me feel at ease. Her style is easy going and calming. She is very compassionate and makes you feel comfortable from the moment she walks through the door. Regarding her skill as a surgeon, she is remarkable. My results were better than I imagined. She takes her time, she listens and she has changed my life. I highly recommend her. Thank you, Dr. Cobbins!” -V.V.
  • “I went to Dr. Cobbins after years of losing weight and pounds of loose skin. She actually sculpted and removed skin and gave me a waistline that I haven’t had in over 20 years. She is a very talented surgeon but I also consider her to have artistic surgical abilities. I have already recommended Dr. Cobbins to family and friends. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact her should I need her services in the future.” -R.G.
  • “Having a breast reduction was a scary thought. Having Dr. Cobbins as the doctor who did the procedure took all that fear away the moment we met. She treated me so good and makes me feel very comfortable. The surgery went better than well and her care for me was the best. I feel better than ever and owe it all to Dr. Cobbins.” -A.M.
  • “Dr. Cobbins is one of the most personable, professional surgeons I have met. From the very first appointment to the follow up I’ve trusted her skill and abilities, and felt comfortable in her care!! She’s the best!! :)” -M.F.
  • “I have been undergoing laser treatments with Dr. Cobbins. After several treatments I have noticed quite a difference and am pleased with the results. Most importantly, I find Dr. Cobbins to be informative and personable. Any doubts I may have had, she put at ease. I would and will highly recommend her.” -V.S.
  • “I became a patient of Dr. Cobbins to complete my weight loss journey. It started by losing 130 lbs after having weight loss surgery. However I was not happy with my appearance. I came to see Dr. Cobbins and she was kind and professional. I am very happy with my outcome, that I have referred many people to see her.” -D.M.H.
  • “Provides patient with realistic expectations of plastic surgery. Trusting and comforting from the first visit to my pre-op to my final appointment.” -J.R.B.
  • “In life it is very rare to meet someone whose beauty on the outside matches his or her beauty on the inside. The same can be said about the medical profession. A doctor’s skill set rarely matches their bedside manner. I can honestly say all of the above apply to Dr. Cobbins. Not only is she a joy to be around, she is above all else an excellent surgeon. I had a breast augmentation done recently with a lift. I breastfed my twin girls for a year, and after the milk had dried up I was left with a B cup in a FFF sack. Dr. Cobbins did a fantastic job!!…(continued)
  • … She said she’d take care of me like I was her sister and she did. I wanted to be sexy but not look like a bimbo. I have daughters and bouncing around with gigantic breast was not the look I wanted. Dr. Cobbins helped me select the perfect size, and approach. If you want larger breast but to still look natural this is your surgeon. I never felt handed off to an assistant or nurse she was by my side the entire way. Every concern or question I had she validated and handled with tact. My husband is also thrilled, I feel sexy again. I adore Dr. Cobbins not only as a person but also, as an excellent surgeon.” -H.Y.
  • “My experience was amazing from start to finish. Dr. Cobbins was informative and nice at all turns. My pre & post op nurse was perfect and made me feel so welcome. The front desk clerk was friendly and welcoming. The anesthesiologist was very professional and did a wonderful job. It is my first night home and I feel like a million bucks! I am already SO pleased with how my breasts look. Thank you Dr. Cobbins and staff!” – J.H.

Brian Braithwaite, M.D. Testimonials

  • “I just wanted to thank you again, the scar looks beautiful. I showed my mom and she was VERY impressed.”
  • “Thanks so much for all you have done for me. Your skillful artistic surgeries have made such a difference to me. I feel very fortunate and grateful that you agreed to take me on as a patient.”
  • “I truly appreciate what you did for me and how the reconstruction and implant turned out for me. I appreciate your concern as a doctor and attention to detail…You may recall I “work” in a bathing suit teaching Water Fitness classes and ladies are always exclaiming, “Wow, you can’t tell,” which is truly a testimony to your excellent work.”
  • “Thank you for being a perfectionist and allowing God to bless you…All of your patients are truly blessed to have you as their doctor.”
  • “I wanted to thank you again for what you did for my daughter. A great weight has been lifted from her life. Thank you for being so great with her and for all your expertise and skill. We feel so fortunate to have crossed paths with you.”
    “I just wanted to thank you again. I will always remember your unique style of practice – don’t change…I will definitely recommend you to anyone in need of your type of skills.”
  • “You are THE BEST Dr. I have ever encountered and you deserve the very best in life with all the good you do!”
  • “Yes, I’m working out. Yes, I look fabulous.”
  • “Thank you again for doing my surgery, I think you are a great doctor.”
  • “She is so happy with the result…Thanks again for your kindness and skill.”
  • “Dr. Braithwaite’s ‘clinic manner’ is unsurpassed.”
  • “He is an excellent plastic surgeon, but he is first and foremost an excellent physician, earning his patient’s trust before any surgical procedure is ever undertaken.”
  • “Dr. Brian Braithwaite is the most competent, concerned, and dedicated physician I have encountered…He is meticulous in his patient care, completely dedicated to their well-being.”
  • “Thank you for everything! You are FABULOUS!”
  • “I just wanted to thank you again. I wasn’t able to convey to you in the office how grateful I am for all you did without becoming an emotional mess…I’m so pleased with my outcomes and your work has helped give me back a piece of myself. It’s hard to explain in words, but your work and especially your attitude at every visit has meant the world to both me and my husband.”
  • “I have never been cared for by a more competent, concerned, and dedicated physician…He was patient, and caring, and always made time to answer my questions and address my concerns. Dr. Braithwaite is meticulous, and was exceptionally dedicated in following through on every detail of my care.”
  • “Dr. Brian Braithwaite is so upbeat and excited about the treatment…His personality is very compatible, at least in my experience, with the plastic surgery environment and dealing with the very emotional aspect of breast cancer treatment involving mastectomy.”
  • “I am very grateful to your reconstruction care… I believe you have a wonderful personality for the plastic surgery specialty. You always gave me options, pros and cons, and never pushed me in one direction or the other.”