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Two Tummy Tuck Options Available at Chicago Plastic Surgery Practice

Drs. Lorri Cobbins and Brian Braithwaite of The Aesthetic Institute of Chicago offer two separate tummy tuck techniques to better address the specific needs of their patients.

Chicago, IL — “A consultation for tummy tuck surgery typically begins by discussing the specific goals you are aiming to achieve. Once we have a clear understanding of these goals, we define whether or not you need a full or mini-tummy tuck,” writes Chicago plastic surgeon Lorri Cobbins, MD in her practice’s latest blog post. The recent entry – titled “Brief Overview of Tummy Tuck Surgery” – centers around the popular body contouring procedure and details what tummy tuck patients can expect from initial consultation to recovery at The Aesthetic Institute of Chicago – the private practice of Dr. Cobbins and Dr. Brian M. Braithwaite.

According to the blog post, Drs. Cobbins and Braithwaite offer two different tummy tuck options, depending on the specific needs of the patient:

1. Mini-Tummy Tuck – Performed when “the area of concern is limited to the region below the belly button.”

2. Full (Standard) Tummy Tuck – “Designed to address the areas above and below the belly button, as well as plication or reattachment of abdominal muscles that have separated.”

In regard to the two techniques, Dr. Cobbins highlights some key benefits and advantages each one can provide, as well as surgical aspects that differentiate one from the other. She goes on to note that in either case, liposuction is generally performed in combination with tummy tuck surgery in order to enhance results around the waistline and flanks.

To conclude the post, Dr. Cobbins outlines a basic postoperative timetable consisting of incremental follow-up visits during which she and Dr. Braithwaite will monitor the patient’s recovery progress and assess his or her results.

About Lorri Cobbins, MD

Dr. Cobbins is a board-certified plastic surgeon, a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Having undergone extensive training, she is considered a leader in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Cobbins is available for interview upon request.

About Brian M. Braithwaite, MD

Dr. Braithwaite is a board-certified plastic surgeon and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He is experienced in a comprehensive variety of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Dr. Braithwaite is also available for interview upon request.

For more information about Dr. Cobbins, Dr. Braithwaite, and their Chicago plastic surgery practice, visit aestheticinstitutechicago.com.


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