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What Will Help Me Get a More Round Butt?

Whether caused by genetics or their lifestyle, many people want a more rounded, shapely buttocks but aren’t sure how to achieve this. Common complaints our board-certified plastic surgeons hear from patients include wanting to enhance a square- or V-shaped buttocks, as well as desiring a boost in its overall flat appearance. Depending on what’s causing the lack of volume or shape in your buttocks, there are multiple options you can try in your mission to achieve the full, shapely curves you desire.

A couple non-surgical methods anyone can try include exercising and wearing shapewear. When it comes to working out, targeting the gluteus muscles and thighs can help improve the overall contour of the buttocks. Popular exercises touted for achieving this goal include glute bridges, lunges, donkey kicks, and jumping jacks. While this can be effective for many people, it takes time for exercise to create change in buttock shape.

For those wanting a rounder buttocks overnight, shapewear can be a great (though temporary) solution. Shapewear brands like SPANX® offer products that are designed to create a more lifted and defined buttock appearance. This is often achieved through compression materials, such as spandex, as well as strategic areas of padding. The main downside with shapewear, however, is the fact it only works when you are wearing the product.

For a longer-lasting buttock enhancement, our plastic surgeons may recommend the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). This surgical procedure has gotten more popular over the years as more patients want to achieve the sculpted and more rounded buttock appearance they see many of their favorite celebrities flaunting. The BBL procedure involves using liposuction to harvest a sample of fatty tissue from a donor area — such as the abdomen or thighs — and then reinjecting it into areas of the buttocks to produce the desired shape and size. This process, known as fat transfer, is highly customizable and a much safer option compared to traditional methods of buttock augmentation using implants.

If you would like more information about how the BBL procedure can enhance your curves, please contact our team at The Aesthetic Institute of Chicago to schedule a consultation.