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What Are My Breast Lift Options?

Breast lift surgery, or mastopexy, can be an excellent option for women interested in lifting and reshaping their breasts for a more youthful projection and contour. At The Aesthetic Institute of Chicago, our board certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Brian Braithwaite and Dr. Lorri Cobbins, offer three different breast lift techniques. Based on each patient’s specific needs and goals, the most effective approach will be selected during the consultation process.

Concentric Ring / Doughnut Mastopexy
With this technique, a circular incision is made around the areola, excess skin is removed, and the position of the nipple is elevated. Of the three breast lift options our doctors offer, this approach is considered the least invasive and is generally employed for patients who only need a subtle lift.

Circumvertical / Lollipop Mastopexy
This technique consists of an incision made around the areola, as well as a vertical incision extending downward to enable additional tissue repositioning. As a result, this approach is considered a bit more invasive than the concentric ring mastopexy, though it can often yield more dramatic results for qualified candidates.

Anchor Mastopexy
For this technique, incisions are made circumferentially around the areola, vertically down the breast, and horizontally along the inframammary crease (resembling the shape of an anchor). As the most invasive mastopexy option our doctors offer, this approach allows for a significant amount of tissue repositioning in addition to skin excision. Results from this technique will typically be the most dramatic.

No matter the breast lift technique utilized, Drs. Cobbins and Braithwaite will do everything possible to minimize the length and visibility of scarring while still achieving an exceptional results. Additionally, each mastopexy option allows for breast augmentation to be performed simultaneously or at a later point in time for enhanced shape, size, and firmness.

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